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Leading with an 85-year Tradition

Continuous development and high-quality standards speak for themselves. From plant engineering to silencer components to the production of steel chimneys of all sizes and variants, the portfolio is very much diverse.

Nießing offers patented fiber-free industrial silencers in addition to conventional systems for exhaust and exhaust air systems, especially in the field of noise control technology. These include pressure loss-free, low-frequency silencer systems, or combined exhaust silencer/exhaust gas cleaning systems.

We look to the future

Nießing is a leader in the area of sound insulation and integrated exhaust gas cleaning. We aim to develop future-oriented solutions and to always be one technical step ahead.

Chronology and development


The history of Nießing began in the village of Borken-Marbeck in 1934.

Heinrich Nießing founded the company as a blacksmith’s workshop long before the production of steel chimneys began in the 1980s.

Continuously certified

Highest quality standards

Since most of the production is done in-house, Nießing is audited and certified by independent bodies at regular intervals.

The very well-trained and qualified Nießing employees ensure a consistently high-quality standard in plant construction, from planning to assembly. The machinery as well as the equipment of every employee are also among the most modern on the market and play a part in always keeping us one step ahead.

  • Research and Development
  • Analysis/Problem statement
  • Planning
  • Installation planning

Based on years of experience in the field of exhaust and sound insulation systems, the R&D department works hand in hand with the design department to develop new solutions for customer-specific system optimizations.

Nießing Anlagenbau is particularly experienced in the area of analysis/problem statement. Together with our customers, we investigate the cause of concrete tasks.

From planning to installation, Nießing offers you everything from a single source - from sound insulation systems to steel chimneys.

The high-quality planning of a system is reflected in the installation’s work step. We would be pleased to discuss this with you. Get to know Nießing!