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Silencer retrofits

In case of complaints in existing plants, Nießing offers silencer solutions which can also be retrofitted into existing plants. They are designed with an integral construction and low pressure loss.


In addition to resonator silencers, special silencer baffles can also be tuned to low-frequency sounds. The “humming noises” perceived as pollution in the neighborhood (e.g. the ignition frequency in an engine or the flame noise of a boiler’s burner) can thus be significantly reduced.

Due to small volumes and partly negligible pressure losses, sound problems can be solved with minimum effort using Nießing’s special developments.


Diverse customized solutions


Exhaust silencers

Operators of power plants are required to comply with relevant environmental regulations, for example noise levels. Nießing treats the exhaust system - from the outlet of the power generator (boiler, engine, ...) to the chimney orifice - as a complex unit during sound testing.


Baffle silencer

The baffle silencer uses the principle of the reflective silencer. It works over a broad band, and also particularly at low frequencies.


Hollow chamber resonators

Hollow chamber resonator pipe silencers are fully welded stainless-steel assemblies that provide high attenuation with virtually no pressure drop, as these systems operate without additional inserts in the exhaust gas stream.


Plate resonator

Exhaust air or exhaust gases are strictly linked to the chimney height stipulated by law. The existing chimney length is ideal for the "angular inner flue" as an industrial silencer. This attenuation system uses the inner duct of the chimney (or exhaust pipe) not in a circle, but - via smooth vibrating plates (plate resonators) - in an angular design.


SCR catalytic converter/SCR silencer combination

Compared to conventional systems, Nießing's silencer-SCR unit provides a more compact design for minimal space requirements, lighter construction, thanks to special components, and increased efficiency for maximum noise reduction. 


Internationally agile

Nießing operates worldwide and has established reference projects at numerous international locations.