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Research and Development

A continuous process

Based on many years of experience in the field of exhaust and sound insulation systems, our in-house design and R&D department works hand in hand with the research departments of our customers and universities on new solutions for system optimization. Thanks to the innovation and knowledge management at Nießing, a future-oriented structure has been created, which converts analytical and empirical considerations into new and further developments.

Since 2020, Nießing has been granted a research allowance by the Federal Ministry, over a 4-year period, for Research and Development – most of the patents mentioned below are included in this. This makes it clear that Nießing can offer competitive advantages and innovation to the customer by further developing what already exists, while equally developing something new, which together move us forward.

Individual patents and research projects now flow together into a highly integrative overall system – always keeping an eye on the big picture and the future.

1. KeSS system

Patent-Nr.: 3 704 360 B1

The “KeSS system” comprises an exhaust gas concept for compact and efficient exhaust gas after treatment to minimize nitrogen oxides and noise emissions. It is a compact combination of a silencer and a catalytic converter as a highly integrated system. This saves installation space and weight up to 40%.

2. Integrated collective silencers

Through the described exhaust gas combination into a central exhaust gas chimney, the silencers developed by Nießing and the Fraunhofer Institute can be combined into a central silencer. This means that the idea of saving resources and space is also applicable to the silencer.

3. Exhaust gas combination using the injector principle

Patent Nr.: 10 2007 013 713

The basis of the patent is to design an exhaust gas system that combines several exhaust gas ducts into a central exhaust gas duct. A special arrangement generates an injector pressure that avoids exhaust gas backflow and thus saves installation space and weight. In addition, safety devices such as exhaust gas flaps can be left out.

4. Controlled exhaust gas outlet

Patent-Nr.: 10 2017 131 145

The controlled exhaust gas outlet enables an almost constant exhaust gas outlet speed under varying operating conditions via a central collecting pipe. Particles are thus carried outside at the required “conveying speed”. This provides better protection for sensitive areas near the exhaust outlet, such as the deck and antenna areas in maritime applications or stipulated exit velocities for onshore applications.