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Gas turbines


Werne ME5 gas turbines:

Scope of delivery: Renewal of the exhaust gas chimney consisting of a support tube with attached outer platforms, fixed ladders, recuperator with attached inner tube, as well as a deflector hood at the chimney orifice.

Unit: gas turbine (operating temperature up to approx. 550°C).

ME7, compressor station

N1-SE, exhaust silencer for gas turbine / retrofit of KAT modules provided by MAN and silencer modules supplied by Nießing.

H = 14200 mm, DA = 3600 mm; DI = 3150 mm

The machine unit 7 (ME7 for short) is a gas turbine that drives a compressor. The compressor provides the necessary delivery pressure in the public gas network.

The German Federal Emission Control Act enacts the retrofitting of a catalytic converter for the operation of this turbine. Since the structural integrity of the chimney is still good, Nießing developed a concept for integrating the catalytic converter in combination with the space-saving plate resonators. Due to minor modifications of the inner area, the entire static structure was retained while the legally required

catalytic converters, as well as the Nießing plate resonators were then integrated.

Thus, the operator was able to sustainably implement ALL emission control requirements with a greatly reduced budget.


Execution: Renewal of two stacks with integrated silencers on the E-ON compressor plant in Epe.

Unit: gas turbine (operating temperature up to approx. 550°C).