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Maritime Operations

More than just seaworthy

Those who glide across the world’s oceans at 25 knots or more are accustomed to comfort and luxury. Superyachts not only have impressive lengths, but also impress with state-of-the-art technology. Nießing’ special silencers round off the ride comfort of superyachts.

The precise synchronization between the drive unit and the silencer creates the prerequisite for maximum noise suppression with flexible driving performance. Individual space conditions in the hull require individual designs of the silencer system.

Individual silencer geometries are available for every requirement.

Nießing supplies a total of eight identical KeSS (Compact and Efficient Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment for minimizing Nitrogen Oxides and Noise Emissions) reactors for a maritime application. They are used to reduce nitrogen oxides to the legally prescribed level. At the same time, a considerable reduction of sound emissions is offered, so that there is practically no perception of the engines in operation.