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Heating and power stations

Stuttgart Hospital

Execution: 8 steel chimneys for boiler and combined heat and power plant exhaust gases, including the complete exhaust gas piping with all accessories (exhaust gas silencers, compensators, …).

Units: 3 boilers, 3 steam boilers, and 2 CHP units for heat and power generation (with an operating temperature of 80-500°C)

Power stations

Combined heat and power plant Gera

Combined heat and power plant with a total of five cogeneration units (CHP) as gas engines, each with 4.5 MW, as well as three gas-powered hot water generators (HWE) with 21 MW each.

Execution: Design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a turnkey exhaust gas system from the CHP or HWE outlet to the chimney orifice.

Heating centre Moers-Rheinkamp

The central heating plant in Moers-Rheinkamp was built to supply heat to the surrounding residential buildings. The exhaust gases from the two boilers are discharged via two steel chimneys.

Here, Nießing supplied the all-in package – from the boiler nozzles to the chimney orifice – as a complete solution. Exhaust ducts, including all the components (expansion joints, brackets, steel construction, etc.).

Units: Two boilers, each with a firing thermal capacity of 9.9 MW,

Scope of delivery: Two steel chimneys with 800 mm stainless steel interior ducts, each with a height of 21m, exhaust duct with accessories


The pharmaceutical company in Marburg is expanding its site and needs additional boilers and CHP units to power it.

The 4-flue steel chimney for discharging the exhaust gases was delivered in one piece, which measured 30 m in length. The loads of the steel chimney system are transferred into the building structure by means of a ceiling clamp, thus the foundation sizes can be reduced.

In this case, too, Nießing supplied the all-in package – from the boiler/engine connection pieces to the chimney orifice – as a complete solution. Exhaust pipes, including all components (silencers, exhaust gas dampers, expansion joints, support, steel construction, etc.).

Three years earlier, the company received a new energy center. Here, the output of the units was significantly higher. 3 boilers with 15 MW firing line each. Nießing also supplied the corresponding steel chimney system and exhaust pipes with accessories. Due to the limited space available, the silencers were partially integrated into the steel chimney system (link “Silencer – angular interior duct / plate resonator”).

Units: 2 boilers of 5 megawatts each, 2 CHP units of 400 kW each


For the heat supply, the heating plant on Norderney will receive new boiler units, the exhaust gases therefrom will be discharged via a two-pass steel chimney.  The 27 m long steel chimney was delivered and installed in one piece.

Here, Nießing supplies the all-in package – from the boiler connecting piece to the chimney orifice – as a complete solution. Flue gas pipe (exhaust pipes), including silencer and all components (compensators, brackets, steel construction, etc.).

Römerstraße Duisburg

The two steel chimney systems, each 19 m high, were installed in Duisburg-Walsum for Fernwärme Niederrhein GmbH. The two systems carry the exhaust gases from two large-capacity water boilers, each with approx. 15.7 MW thermal output. The turnkey installation included planning, manufacturing and assembly, including the silencers integrated into the steel chimneys. This means that nothing stands in the way of the “quiet” operation of the systems.