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La Palma

Due to the limited space available, the exhaust silencers acting over the entire frequency band have been fully integrated into the two steel chimneys.

Power unit: 2 pieces 12-MW diesel engines


Design: 65 m steel chimney system with three inner duct for discharging the exhaust gases from large engines. The corresponding silencers are integrated into steel structures in front of the chimney.

Power unit: 3 gas engines


Two steel chimneys for an energy center with five gas engines for power and heat generation. The transportation of the 36 m long steel chimneys was a logistical challenge. The total length of the transport units was 65 m each.

Units: 5 x 10 MW gas engine

Steel chimneys: length 36 m each, 3- and 2-flue, stainless steel interior duct 1,300 mm each, with an outer diameter of 3,600 mm each


Ceuta/North Africa uses several diesel engines to secure their energy supply. Nießing supplied the exhaust systems and the 23 m long exhaust gas chimneys with integrated combination silencers (hollow chamber resonators with absorption section) needed for this purpose.

Units: 4x 12 MW diesel engine