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Plant construction

Your partner for plant construction

The complete product range is offered in plant construction. Be it supply or exhaust air towers, steel chimney construction or turnkey exhaust air/flue gas systems – Nießing provides the engineering, planning, construction, commissioning and supervision, as well as maintenance of industrial chimney systems.

The Nießing steel chimney

Solidarity keeps growing higher

More than 3,000 steel chimneys have been designed, manufactured and installed for industrial, commercial, administrative and residential buildings throughout Europe. Of course, this also includes the preparation of corresponding specifications in accordance with plant-specific requirements.

Be it commercial, administrative or industrial chimneys: Nießing steel chimneys blend ideally into the overall appearance of the building project and are also suitable as highly visible advertising media.

Vibration damper

Reliability meets quality

Slender, tower-high structures such as steel chimneys are frequently subjected to transverse vibrations. These are periodic vortex shedding or aerodynamic instabilities transverse to the wind direction.


Vibration dampers reduce vulnerabilities

Vibrations may cause failure of the structural member when the natural frequency of the system is reached. Vibration dampers reduce the internal forces from dynamic load cases and thus enable dimensioning in line with requirements right down to the foundation.

Nießing supplies individually designed vibration dampers for the respective steel chimney system, which are already taken into account during the planning phase, but can also be retrofitted for existing systems in order to meet the new requirements from science and technology.

They are virtually maintenance-free and have a damping effect over a wide frequency range (broadband damping). Some of them are proprietary developments that were created in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute.

Decay curve without vibration damper
Decay curve with vibration damper

Detecting and damping vibrations

Nießing has developed its own systems for vibration damping that can be variably adapted to physical and architectural requirements and are extremely functionally reliable.

The damping effect is based on interactions inside the vibration damper. These interactions are based on differently directed fluid effects.

The liquid vibration dampers are virtually maintenance-free and have a damping effect over a wide frequency range(broadband damping). Vibration dampers must not always be visible. They can also be integrated into stage constructions. Furthermore, they can be used for other functions such as static bracing elements.

Steel chimneys

Condition monitoring

According to DIN 13084, steel chimneys are subject to expert inspection at least once every 2 years. According to construction laws, the operator of the plant is responsible for the compliance with the maintenance. As a specialized company, Nießing has equipped itself with the appropriate qualifications and equipment for inspections. For each inspected and tested plant, a customized report is generated.


Diverse solutions made to measure


Exhaust silencers

Operators of power plants are required to comply with relevant environmental regulations, for example noise levels. Nießing treats the exhaust system – from the outlet of the power generator (boiler, engine, ...) to the chimney orifice – as a complex unit during acoustic testing.


SCR catalyst/SCR silencer combination

Compared to conventional systems, Nießing’s silencer-SCR unit features a more compact design for minimal space requirements, a more lightweight design thanks to special components, and increased efficiency for maximum noise reduction. 


Tank construction / Metal construction

Nießing’s stainless steel tanks meet the highest requirements for precise execution. Here, special welding processes for notch-free through-welded seams are used. The tanks are pickled, sanded and polished.