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Analysis/Problem statement

3D laser scan

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3D laser scan

Create 3D models

With the 3D scans, appropriate feasibility studies can be created to enable you to strategically assess your project right from the start.

3D scan

With the Focus S70 3D scanner from Faro, construction, site situations can be recorded and visualized. Both in existing buildings and in complex plant sections, 3D scans can be used to carry out appropriate feasibility studies. 

3D models

By inserting the corresponding 3D models into the scans, collision checks can be carried out for the various components.

Since the data is available digitally, it is also possible to carry out dimensional accuracy checks afterwards.

Realized system - result

Different product variants can be integrated into the construction site situation. This means that a wide variety of scenarios can be virtually mapped, thus helping in the selection of the best solution. The visualization of the possibilities and virtual construction site tours enable the customer to select the optimal solution for their application.

The advantages

  • Visualization of the existing situation
  • Collision check
  • Dimensional accuracy check, also during the follow-up
  • Complex situations can be clearly displayed
  • Virtual representation of solutions
  • Virtual site tours
  • Suitable as a basis for virtual project meetings/discussions
  • The basis for accurate assembly planning

Calculation and design from a single source


Vibration measurement

Using vibration measurements, our team can investigate whether a steel chimney system is susceptible to vibration and then verify it in the course of subsequent recalculations.


Acoustic measurement

Our trained specialists are able to carry out acoustic measurements on our own test bench as well as on-site.



Together with its customers, Nießing plans the conversion of existing systems or the implementation of new systems, right from the offer phase.