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Analysis/Problem statement

Acoustics measurement

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Acoustics measurement

With our trained personnel we are able to perform acoustic measurements on our own test bench, as well as on-site.

The measurements can be carried out under operating conditions of the systems on-site. In this way, necessary measures can be determined and specific insertion losses, e.g. for corresponding silencers, can be concretely determined.

Subsequently, the effectiveness of the measure is confirmed by means of control measurements.

In addition, we carry out factory acceptance measurements to verify the designs, as well as for quality assurance purposes.

Design according to requirements

  • Sound measurements on our own test bench for the verification of the designs and quality assurance
  • On-site noise measurements to determine the required insertion losses in the octave and third-octave bands
  • Furthermore, we also carry out our own noise measurements on existing plants in order to be able to make an initial design based on these measurements.

Calculation and design from a single source


3D laser scan

The FocusS70 3D scanner from Faro can be used to record and visualize construction site situations.


Vibration measurement

Our team can investigate whether a steel chimney system is susceptible to vibration by taking vibration measurements and verifying them in the course of subsequent recalculations.