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Rack construction

Stainless steel racks

We mainly produce racks for the food industry. Thus, the welding approval according to 1090-2 EXC3 and the corresponding welding tests are available. All common materials like steel, stainless-steel, as well as the welding methods (TIG / Mag / Pulse / SAW) are used.

Tank construction/metal construction

Pipe production

Stainless steel tube production at Nießing is characterized by special dimensional accuracy. Particularly thin-walled designs start from 1.5 mm thickness and can be scaled as required. Nießing stainless steel tubes for exhaust gas, process air and exhaust air ducting are corrosion-resistant.

Tank construction/Metal construction

Tank construction

Nießing stainless steel tanks meet the highest requirements for precise finishing. Special welding processes for notch-free through-welded seams are used here. The tanks are pickled, sanded and polished.

Tank construction/Metal construction

One of our area of specialty is the production of steel and stainless-steel components, which our customers require in various qualities / material grades for their projects. This includes laser / flame cutting or precision edging and rolling. Common welding methods (TIG / Mag / Pulse / SAW) are used.


Diverse customized solutions


Exhaust silencers

Operators of power plants are required to comply with relevant environmental regulations, for example noise levels. Nießing treats the exhaust system – from the outlet of the power generator (boiler, engine, ...) to the chimney orifice – as a complex unit during acoustic testing.


SCR catalytic converters /SCR silencer combination

Compared to conventional systems, Nießing’s silencer-SCR unit features a more compact design for minimal space requirements; a lighter construction thanks to special components; as well as an increased efficiency for maximum noise reduction.


Plant construction / Steel chimney construction

Nießing always literally outgrows itself when it comes to plant construction: Be it supply or exhaust air towers, steel chimney construction or turnkey exhaust air/flue gas systems - Nießing carries out the engineering, planning, construction, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of industrial chimney systems that direct both supply and exhaust air in the right direction.