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Hollow chamber resonators

High attenuation in problematic, low-frequency ranges

Hollow chamber resonator pipe silencers are fully welded stainless-steel assemblies that provide high attenuation with virtually no pressure drop, as these systems operate without additional inserts in the exhaust gas stream.

Industrial silencers, which are particularly effective at low frequencies, are characterized by the following features:

  • Material selection depending on the operating temperature
  • No cores or splitters, thus there is hardly any measurable pressure loss and no additional operating costs
  • Largely wear-free metal system (without mineral wool)
  • Noise attenuation over a wide frequency range is possible through various chamber combinations

Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute

The exhaust silencers were developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart. In both the standard silencers and the special solutions, the resonator chambers are matched to the corresponding engine frequencies, among other things. The higher orders can also be damped using appropriate chamber combinations.


Nearly pressure loss-free attenuation of low-frequency noise


Large engines

Steel chimney system with three internal flues for discharging the exhaust gases of large engines. The corresponding silencers are integrated into steel structures in front of the chimney.


Energy centers

Cogeneration plant with a total of five combined heat and power units (CHP) as gas engines, each with 4.5 MW; as well as three gas-powered hot water generators (HWE), each with 21 MW.