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Nießing Anlagenbau

The highest quality standards

The exceedingly well-trained and qualified Nießing employees ensure a consistently high-quality standard in plant construction, from planning to assembly.

Since the production is almost completely done in-house, Nießing is independently audited at regular intervals.

Seal of approval

Nießing has carried the "Sicher mit System" ("Systematic Safety") seal of approval from the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (AMS) since the end of 2013. The Issuer is the Trade Association for Wood and Metal


Nießing has been certified by TÜV NORD 2015 as a manufacturer of pressure equipment.

ISO certification

according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015; the scope of application: sales, development, production, and assembly of exhaust and sound insulation systems, stainless steel/metal construction

Welding specialist company

According to DIN EN 1090-1 Specialist welding company. TÜV Nord according to DIN EN 1090-1 for load-bearing components and kits for steel structures up to EXC3 according to EN 1090-2



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