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Condition monitoring

Operational safety is sustainable

According to DIN 13084, steel chimneys are subject to expert inspection at least once every 2 years. According to the construction laws, the operator of the plant is responsible for ensuring compliance with the condition monitoring.

As a specialized company, Nießing has equipped itself with the appropriate qualifications and test equipment.

The object of the inspection is to examine the static and safety-related components according to the inspection protocol. This is specifically tailored to your plant from the outset. Taking into account all documents (e.g. static calculations, construction drawings, photo documentation, etc.) Nießing produces a tailor-made expertise.

Anticipatory work

Regular maintenance ensures the operational capability and operational safety of the plant, since damage is detected at an early stage, thus avoiding the costs of costly renovation or total failure or reconstruction of the plant.


Diverse customized solutions


Exhaust silencers

Operators of power plants are required to comply with relevant environmental regulations, for example noise levels. Nießing treats the exhaust system – from the outlet of the power generator (boiler, engine, ...) to the chimney orifice – as a complex unit during acoustic testing.


SCR catalytic converter/SCR silencer combination

Compared to conventional systems, Nießing’s silencer-SCR unit features a more compact design for minimal space requirements; a lightweight construction thanks to special components; and increased efficiency for maximum noise reduction.


Plant construction / Steel chimney construction

Nießing always literally outgrows itself in plant construction: Be it supply or exhaust air towers, steel chimney construction or turnkey exhaust air/flue gas systems - Nießing takes on the engineering, planning, construction, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of industrial chimney systems that direct both supply and exhaust air in the right direction.


Tank construction/metal construction

Nießing’s stainless steel tanks meet the highest requirements for precise execution. Here, special welding processes for notch-free through-welded seams are used. The tanks are pickled, sanded and polished.


Internationally agile

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