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Diversity and
individual Solutions

From planning to production and installation, from sound insulation systems to steel chimneys – Nießing offers everything from a single source.

Specifically in the field of sound insulation technology, Nießing offers patented, fiber-free industrial silencers in addition to conventional systems for exhaust gas and exhaust air systems.

These include pressure loss-free, low-frequency sound attenuator systems developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Construction Physics in Stuttgart.

"Nießing Anlagenbau has built up an excellent reputation over the decades, thanks to our qualified employees."

Team spirit and inventiveness of over 100 Nießing employees, as well as the cooperation with universities and research institutes have made possible market-leading in-house developments, which are planned, manufactured, and assembled by Nießing.

  • Research and Development
  • Analysis/Problem statement
  • Planning
  • Assembly planning

Based on years of experience in the field of exhaust and sound insulation systems, the R&D department works hand in hand with the design department to develop new solutions for customer-specific system optimizations.

Nießing Anlagenbau is particularly experienced in the area of analysis/problem statement. Together with our customers, we investigate the cause of concrete tasks.

From planning to installation, Nießing offers you everything from a single source - from sound insulation systems to steel chimneys.

The high-quality planning of a system is reflected in the installation’s work step. We would be pleased to discuss this with you. Get to know Nießing!

Nießing Anlagenbau


We aspire to be thought leaders. Nießing is a leader in sound insulation and integrated exhaust gas cleaning. We develop future-oriented solutions that are beyond the current standards, to always be one technical step ahead.
We feel committed to environmental protection, especially when it comes to reducing noise and nitrogen oxide emissions.
Highest quality standards


You get everything from Nießing hand from the engine outlet to the chimney opening. Be it exhaust silencers, silencer SCR catalysts, or piping up to steel chimneys, among others with integrated silencer solutions.

Always one step ahead


We support you right from the quotation phase. To design projects optimally and find the best solutions, a thorough analysis in advance is the be-all and end-all. With a wide range of tools, Nießing is able to realize an implementation of your solution that meets your requirements and is tailor-made.