Operational safety is sustainable

In accordance with DIN 4133, steel chimneys are subject to a specialist inspection at intervals of no more than two years. Under building legislation, the operator of the installation is responsible for ensuring maintenance is carried out.

As a specialist enterprise, Nießing also carries out condition monitoring for steel chimneys. Equipped with all the necessary instruments (wall and layer thickness measurement instruments, theodolites, video inspection cameras etc.), Nießing will carry out a complete analysis of your installation.


The object of the inspection is checking the static and safety-relevant components as per the inspection report. This will be tailored to your own plant from the very start. Taking all documentation into account (e.g., static calculations, design drawings, photographic documents etc.), Niessing prepares a detailed report.

Regular maintenance keeps the plant in an operational and safe condition, as any defects are identified at an early stage and can be rectified, thus avoiding the costs of extensive repairs or losses caused by a total failure of the plant, or the need for a completely new build.