Stainless steel pipes for exhaust air

Nießing stainless steel pipe manufacturing is characterized by special dimensional accuracy. Especially thin-walled designs starting from 1,5 mm thickness and are freely scalable.


Nießing stainless steel pipes for the exhaust air-, process air- and waste gas-conveyance are made protected from corrosion. The picture shows the processing of the longitudinal seam and the shaping by a cylinder.

Vorschau-Rohrfertigung-2Special pipes make the difference


Nießing steel pipe fabrication accurately fulfil the desire for a lasting connection. It's not important whether this means the production of steel or stainless steel pipes. With exceptionally fine manufacturing accuracy, we take all the necessary steps to ensure you have corresponding connections at the time you want them.


Thanks to many years experience in fabricating chimneys and the demonstrable production quality in this field, both individual items and production runs of any number you want are no problem to produce. Height and length of the precision pipes are scalable for Niessing without restrictions.


Nießing steel pipe fabrication is interpreted for the following size ranges:

  • For diameters up to 3,500 mm
  • For sheet metal thicknesses up to 20 mm