Cavity resonator pipe silencers for low frequencies

Vorschau-Hohlkammerresonator-1Nießing's cavity resonator pipe silencers are fully welded stainless steel constructions and provide high levels of damping with practically no pressure loss, as they are run without additional fittings in the exhaust gas flue.


The industrial noise dampers, which work especially well for low frequencies, are characterised by the follow features:


• Material selection depending on the operating temperature
• Avoidance of
• Avoidance of cores and spiltters, which leads to negligible pressure loss and no extra operating costs
• Largely wear-free metal system (without mineral wool)
• Broad-spectrum damping thanks to a combination of complementary chambers


These exhaust gas silencers have been developed in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Buildings Physics in Stuttgart. For both standard silencers and custom solutions, the resonator chambers (amongst other things) will be set up to the relevant engine frequencies. Even higher frequencies can be damped using suitable chamber combinations.