Angular interior stack as industrial silencer

Vorschau-PlattenresonatorExhaust air and exhaust gases are closely linked to the height prescribed by the law for the chimney. The existing chimney length is predestined as a silencer in angular stack form. This new damping system makes use of the interior of the chimney (or the exhaust gas flue) not in a round shape, but – using flat panels able to vibrate – in an angled formation.
The acoustic planning and design is computerized with corresponding calculation programs. All designs are checked in an approval testing at the factory.


The vibrating panels are insensitive to dirt and they convert the sound energy into vibration energy. As an absorber there is special plastic or mineral wool inserted between the load-bearing outer shell and the angular stack inside the steel chimney. In this way, exhaust gas and exhaust air systems can be operated without using additional silencers.


This multi-functionality has the following advantages:

• the possibility of a specific design for the low-frequency range

• low flow loss - continual energy saving

• no sensitivity to dirt - maintenance is no longer necessary in many areas

• multi-functionality due to integration into the chimney

• the possibility of broad-spectrum damping 


Sound damping with awards

UrkundenThis new sound-damping system has received a number of awards

  • Innovation prize Münsterland 1999
  • Professor-Adlabert-Seifriz prize 2000
  • Bavarian State prize 2001 for technology at the International Crafts Trade Fair Munich
  • 3rd prize in the competition "Environmental protection prize for crafts in North-Rhine-Westphalia"
  • Daimler Award 2009