Connection program for element chimney systems authorised by the building inspectorate  

The Nießing connector program is a system based on the element chimney systems used by different element chimney manufacturers for the static fixing of single-layer or twin-layer element chimneys to buildings.

The whole of the connection range was verified taking into account the maximum stresses occasioned and imposed forces generated by wind power and the internal weight loading in accordance with current regulations and standards, in theory by means of static calculations and in practice by means of loading trials.

Maintenance of measuring and manufacturing tolerances in accordance with the static calculations, and thus the assurance of a uniform quality of all Nießing connection components, is guaranteed by a strict final quality control.



The maximum statical construction heights and connection spacings in accordance with the specifications of different chimney manufacturers are all taken into account. The choice of anchorage elements (bolts, wall plug etc.) is made according to the properties of the building wall and the maximum loading specifications of the wall plug.

To supply the requirements of private builders, Nießing has got an enthusiastic business partner in Martin Gesing, whom you can contact using the following link: 


Martin Gesing