RRSD – Pipe silencer for low frequencies

The Nießing pipe silencer is most frequently installed as an all-welded stainless steel construction in which the exhaust gas flue is completely enclosed in a jacket. The acoustic effect is achieved through the connection with a perforated sheet ring. Niessing pipe silencers ensure high levels of damping with practically no pressure loss.


The silencer types which work especially at low frequencies are characterised by the following properties:



  • high temperature and pressure resistance
  • dispensing with cores and baffles, thus pressure loss is scarcely measurable
  • they are maintenance-free and do not wear; low operating costs.



A broad-band damping effect is achieved through a combination of different resonator chambers matched to one another.

The special silencers were developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart. The high pressure losses and the high operating costs associated with conventional absorption silencers are now a thing of the past. When retrofitting one of these new silencer systems to an existing installation, it is not necessary to adjust the burners.


Picture on the left: Hollow chamber resonators NW 50 mm and NW 1,600 mm

Pictures on the right: retrofitting hollow chamber resonators in the chimney mouths