Before the tower starts swaying

Slim and tall structures such as radio masts or steel chimneys are frequently exposed to lateral vibration. This is either regular vortex shedding or aerodynamic instabilities across the wind direction


Vibration dampers reduce susceptibility

On reaching the critical frequency of the installation, vibrations can lead to failure of the component. Correspondingly, these also serve for example as design parameters for foundations. So-called vibration dampers reduce the susceptibility to lateral frequencies or indeed eliminate them altogether.

Nießing can supply for the respective steel chimney installation individually-designed vibration dampers which can generally be catered for at the planning stage, and they can also be retrofitted to existing installations.

Nießing vibration damper types are practically maintenance free, and are designed to have a damping effect over a wide frequency range (broad-band damping). Many of them were developed by ourselves in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. Vibration dampers do not always have to be visible; they can often also be concealed behind a stage construction.





Vibration dampers are already an important subject before installation of the steel chimney. Retrofitting is nevertheless also a possibility. Using corresponding software applications, the fading curve both with and without the use of vibration damping can readily be determined.