Steel chimneys for gas engine power plant


Stahlschornsteine für Gasmotorenkraftwerk 1Stahlschornsteine für Gasmotorenkraftwerk 2


The transport and erection of two massive steel stacks for a gas engine power plant was successfully completed. After three days of transport, the two 36.0 m long and approx. 48 ton colossi arrived safely at the construction site in February 2021.


A project of this size and complexity could only be implemented at all thanks to our competent specialist staff: After all, it was necessary to work out a transport route for a 65 m long convoy, taking into account the high transport loads as well as production-related aspects, in order to be able to guarantee a smooth process as a result. Even after arrival, the assembly of the steel chimneys on the cramped construction site once again presented a challenge, which our experienced employees were able to master with flying colors.


We would like to take this opportunity to once again express our sincere thanks for the support provided by the forwarding company Kahl Unternehmensgruppe and the company Steil Kranarbeiten. Only through the consistent cooperation of all forces involved could this demanding achievement in terms of logistics and construction be accomplished, which is why we are now already looking forward to future projects.



Stahlschornsteine für Gasmotorenkraftwerk 3Stahlschornsteine für Gasmotorenkraftwerk 4